Chess Wednesdays – Garry Kasparov

Sorry to leave you hanging last week with my early Wednesday travel. I’m back in town and eager to learn and play some more chess. The Decorah Chess Club will gather at Pulpit Rock Brewing Company around 6:30pm on Wednesday, 11/17! Please come out and join us!

Last week, if I didn’t have to travel, I was going to write about how it was on November 9, 1985 when 22 year old Garry Kasparov beat Karpov to become the World Champion in chess.


Garry Kasparov has developed a platform for chess playing and learning called kasparovchess in your app store. It is new, so has some issues, but I’m sure the app will get better with time.

His 16th game with Karpov in 1985 seemed to be a great game for chess history, with Kasparov using the Sicilian defense as black. Check out that game here: Game 16 Karpov vs Kasparov.

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