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Decorah Chess Enthusiasts Unite!

One evening, not long ago, I sat alone at the bar at T-Bock’s for a drink and dinner. To my left was a stranger playing a chess computer on Since I also played chess, I thought I would introduce myself. It was through this chance encounter, that a Decorah Chess Club idea was born.

Regardless of your level, whether you are interested in just now learning how to play or are already an expert and looking for games and/or to impart your wisdom on those thirsty for more chess tactics and strategies, the Decorah Chess Club will welcome you.

Currently, we are informally meeting at 6:00pm on Wednesdays at Convergence CiderWorks. Check the latest posts for any changes and developments.

Our current goal is to grow our membership to a size in which we can become a more formal club. Sign up at the bottom of our page to stay informed of our events.

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Queen Safety and Draw Opportunity

During the last meet-up of the Decorah Sjakklubb I had a few games in which there were worthwhile positions to study. In this first position, I was playing the black pieces and missed a great opportunity on this play (only to get very lucky with finding it on the next play). It turned out that…

The Queen vs Rook Endgame

Why choose to study a game that occurs about 1 in every 1200 games? After searching for something that wouldn’t take long I realized that this endgame cannot be mastered quickly. In my pursuit, I found which has a fifteen chapter course on the Queen vs. Rook endgame!! Again, why would one want to…

Best Game of 2023 Nominee

The Romanian Chess Championships of 2023 may have a contender for the game of the year.  Check out the news on for a full write up of the Szabo v Stepaneucu game by GM Rafael Leitao.  I just wanted to highlight a few postions that I found insightful. The following position was after black’s…

The Match that Made a Novel

In 1892, between January 1 and February 28, Mikail Chigorin and Wilhelm Steinitz faced off in Havana for a World Championship rematch.  In was on this day (Feb 7) in 1892 that they played the 16th game of this championship. What was so special about this game?  Author John Brunner found something interesting about this…


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