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Decorah Chess Enthusiasts Unite!

One evening, not long ago, I sat alone at the bar at T-Bock’s for a drink and dinner. To my left was a stranger playing a chess computer on Since I also played chess, I thought I would introduce myself. It was through this chance encounter, that a Decorah Chess Club idea was born.

Regardless of your level, whether you are interested in just now learning how to play or are already an expert and looking for games and/or to impart your wisdom on those thirsty for more chess tactics and strategies, the Decorah Chess Club will welcome you.

Currently, we are informally meeting at 6:00pm on Wednesdays at Convergence CiderWorks. Check the latest posts for any changes and developments.

Our current goal is to grow our membership to a size in which we can become a more formal club. Sign up at the bottom of our page to stay informed of our events.

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Puzzles from the Dubuque Scholastic Open

On Saturday, December 10, 2022, Fox Lana of the Decorah Sjakklubb participated in the Dubuque Scholastic Open.  Fox played five games where each player was given 30 minutes on a 5 second delay.  He brought home second place! Fox shared a few of his tournament games with me at our regular Sjakklubb meeting, and gave…

A Mate in the Middle

I ran across the following mate-in-4 puzzle for white reading 1001 Chess Exercises for Beginners by Masetti and Messa and had a difficult time with the analysis. As always, I encourage you to find the solution before reading on. The discovered check move 1. c7+ forces black to take the bishop with his rook 1…

A Little Bit of Calculation – A Brilliant Move

This week, I want to share a few positions/puzzles with you. The first puzzle is one I’m hesitant to call simple, but much easier than I made it out to be. I had to walk away and come back in order to finally see the mate-in-3. The second one I’m very proud of, as I…

Queen vs Pawn Endgame – Mixed Motif Puzzle

Queen v Pawn Many of you are capable of finishing most queen vs pawn endgames. A pretty basic tactic is to plant your queen in front of the pawn somewhere and then march your king over to take it. However, there are a few of these type of endgames worth noting. Specifically, when the opposing…


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