Missing Piece

Decorah Chess Club only has a few more winter meeting left, and only one more before we spring forward with the time change. Wednesday, 3/9/2022, at 6pm come out to The Landing and get in on several games. Until then, here are a few puzzles of put in the missing piece for a mate!

White’s Missing Piece

In each of these four puzzles, place the given white piece on the board for a checkmate!

Add a rook for mate
Add a pawn for mate
Add a knight for mate
Add a bishop to mate

Hopefully, these exercises helped you identify patterns and positions. Want more? Check out “1001 Chess Exercises for Beginners” by Franco Masetti & Roberto Messa. Answers are below.

  • Rook at e5
  • Pawn at e6
  • Knight at g6
  • Bishop at g4

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